Unlock Marketing Success with AI: A Guided Series Inspired by MECLABS AI Guild

What experience would I have if ChatGPT is combined with the power of 10 000 conversion marketing experiments? That is exactly what the MECLABS AI Guild is all about.

This series of articles documents my experience with the AI Guild. Rooted in real-world application, and applied to the building of online sales funnels.

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What is the MECLABS AI Guild?

MECLABS AI Guild: A brief introduction.

A brief introduction to the MECLABS Institute and the MECLABS AI Guild

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Unblock your mind with "Genitive-AI"

Published: 2810/2023

Use the power of GPT to discover what you know

This article looks at using AI LLMs to discover what you know. I know I have something to say. Just, I do not know what it is!!

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Learn 8 Psychological Elements for Better Conversion Rates.

Published: 29/09/2023

Psychology-Based Strategies for Higher Conversions

There is a psychology behind conversion. This is psychology can be discovered, tested, learnt and applied. This is the new science of optimization, discovering how people make choices. This article introduces this psychology.

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Unlocking the power of Incentive - Part 1

Published: 11/08/2023

How can we use incentive to unlock value?: Part 1

This article looks at incentive from the perspective of Perceived Value and Perceived Value Differential. The example used here, shows how incentive can be a deterrent, even if it is free.

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TO, BUY, FOR - a heuristic to help structure objectives

Published: 26/07/2023

Using AI to write marketing copy: Can we trust it?

This article looks at AI generated copy in the context of Customer First Objectives. We apply the MECLABS TO, BY, FOR heuristic to help structure landing page objectives.

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The MECLABS Institute and the MECLABS AI Guild?

There are times in life when there is significant, accelerated change. Significant, accelerated opportunity also presents. We are now at one of those junctions.

I have the good fortune of engaging with the team at the MECLABS AI Guild. This is a great privilege. An incredible opportunity. Made possible by the altruistic nature of Flint McGlaughlin. Flint is the founder and Managing Director (CEO) of MECLABS Institute.

The MECLABS Institute is:

"The World's Largest Research Institute - Dedicated to Discovering How People Make Choices".

The following is extracted from a founding article, The Way of the Marketer (In Chaos), written by Flint McGlaughlin. The article exists within the AI Guild workspace.

The MECLABS AI Guild is:

"... a new kind of research-and-learn community."

A focus of the AI Guild is:

'... to combine [our] discoveries in conversion psychology with breakthroughs in AI Technology.'

The mission:

'To become a vital research community of conversion-focused, supra-capable Marketer-Philosophers fully committed to the Summum Bonum.'

  • "become" – The key to transformative marketing is a transformed marketer.
  • "vital" – Health over scale; well-being is the goal.
  • "research" – The future is the real time fusion of research-application-integration.
  • "community" – Though a business may fail, a community can endure.
  • "conversion-focused" – Conversion is the sharp point (telos) of the marketing spear.
  • "supra-capable" – Good is not enough; we work together to achieve the impossible.
  • "Marketer-Philosopher" – The action of sales should be grounded in the reflection of marketing.
  • "fully committed" – Courage trumps confidence, action trumps rhetoric.
  • 'Summum Bonum' – We align (and discipline) our energies for the Highest Good.

The values:

  • (authentic) Connection
  • (personal) Growth
  • (genuine) Service
  • (generous) Sharing
  • (heart-felt) Gratitude

This series documents my journey.

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