Empower Your Process with Understanding: AI Knowledge that Shapes Thinking

Step beyond the basics: Gain insights into the real opportunity of AI

Some thirty years ago, the final curtain fell on my drama career as I left the boards to enter the world of the World Wide Web.

Life demanded this shift.

Since then, I tamed many new skills — self-taught. First out of necessity, then curiosity evolving into passion. Now an insatiable desire for knowledge.

The arrival of 'AI' ushers in extreme urgency. It demands we shift — to 'be continually shifting'.

A 'bazillion' AI tools explode into existence.

  • Be very wary of those that claim the status of 'Holy Grail';
  • Do not give up your power to a tool;
  • Claim your opportunity.

Unlock unprecedented personal potential. That is the real opportunity of AI.

I offer these pages, not as an AI expert, but as someone hell-bent on understanding. Join me to tackle the essentials:

  • Be Fearless — Tame Technofear: My journey from Stage to Screen confronted me with technofear head-on. Let me share practical strategies to help you overcome your fears of technology.
  • Step Towards Freedom — Master Self-Learning: Learn to guide your own education, use self-learning to develop personal autonomy.
  • Lay your Foundation — Learn to Prompt: There is an art to prompting — perhaps. There is definitely a science to it. I reveal what I learn.
  • Strategically Curate Insights — Deploy your Information Scouts: Discover channels that curate the latest news on your target niche. I'll share my top sources with you.
  • Step Towards Authenticity — Gently Embrace Your True Voice: Let me guide you in safely sharing a piece of your true self each day. This will gradually build a community that values and follows your authenticity. Discover the quiet strength in this approach.

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