Use AI With Confidence, Stay Ahead and Enhance Your Unique Identity

Understanding the Importance of AI Adoption for Solopreneurs

Learn and use AI with confidence. Find ways to enhance your identity. Discover simple, practical, transferrable prompt techniques for better results. Feel supported and assured as you apply AI to your unique value proposition.

Solopreneur, would you like to:
  • Learn effective prompt techniques to build a Custom GPT (Agent)?
  • Use AI to uncover compelling content that defines your identity, not destroys it.

Building AI Tools for Solopreneurs

Focused on an in-depth exploration of AI for solopreneurs. Learning effective prompt techniques and building practical tools using GPT models. These allow us to succeed at authentic content creation and marketing.

It's about moving from a veneer understanding to fully harnessing these technologies for our solopreneur goals.

Your 'AI Ally', Patrick

My career in the online space as a solopreneur spans over 25 years. On this journey, I have applied myself to programming, web development, Drupal development, web design, online marketing, SEO, DevOps, graphic design and digital content creation.

Critical, and one often neglected, is the importance of finding your niche (voice, crowd, weird, fans, people). Discovering who you will serve better than any other and how. Then finding the words and images that align your vision to your offer and on to your customers. In the words of Flint McGlaughlin  , becoming a Transformed Marketer, facilitating a transformed marketing experience.

My process is deeply influenced by the marketing principles of the MECLABS Institute  , founded by Flint McGlaughlin. These principles are applied and explored in real-world situations via the MECLABS AI Guild  .

The MECLABS Institute is:

"The World's Largest Research Institute - Dedicated to Discovering How People Make Choices."

The MECLABS AI Guild is:

"... to combine [our] discoveries in conversion psychology with breakthroughs in AI Technology."

A focus of the AI Guild is:

"... to combine [our] discoveries in conversion psychology with breakthroughs in AI Technology."

The mission of the AI Guild is:

"To become a vital research community of conversion-focused, supra-capable Marketer-Philosophers fully committed to the Summum Bonum."

The Services I Offer

  1. Enhanced Prompt Content Creation: Research and creation of unique, compelling content using AI and advanced prompt techniques;
  2. Personal Touch GPTs: Building Custom GPTs to your needs;
  3. AI Ally: Use me as your AI Co-Pilot. You onboard me into your team. Together we do a deep-dive into your AI requirements.

Introductory Offer

Let’s Learn By Doing.

Let us complete one 90 minute free online Custom GPT workshop.

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