Reduce Facebook Advertising Costs with Split Tests

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This article is the start of my learning diary. The diary is to:

  • Keeping track of the great articles and content I have read;
  • Retaining the knowledge in the articles;
  • Finding the articles again when I want to reference them.

As I find content that is worthy of reference, I will transcribe my notes to my blog. In this way, I can always find them and refer to them. I will also credit the source, this will be of value for the author.

These pages will be dynamic. Works in progress. I will not wait to finish the article before publishing. I will publish at the end of each learning session.

This article looks at Facebook Ad split testing. Based on the following articles:
Full credits and links to sources are at the end of the article.

  • How To Reduce Your Facebook Advertising Costs By Using Split Testing from AdEspress

Why Split Test?

Split testing makes a significant difference to the success of your advertising campaigns. This will flow over into your business.

  • Save 50% on costs on a single test, or double effective results;
  • Iterate on discarding losers and building out on the winners. This can save 75% after rounds of testing;
  • Easy to set up;
  • Add real value to processes. This is value to your own business or clients.
Results of split tests are very dependent on the type of business. The results shown in this article are real. They are examples based on AdEspresso’s experience.

What Tests are Aviailable in Facebook Ads Manager?

Log in to your Facebook Business Manager Account and click Business Manager in the top right. Then click on Experiments. Either as one of the icons under Shortcuts or scroll down to Analyse -> Experiments.

finding experiments in ads manager

On the experiments page are shown the types of experiments available.

types of experiments shown on the experiments page
A/B Test or Split Testing

Test two elements of a marketing campaign against each other. To see which one will deliver a better result.

The graphics below are two different ads shown to the same audience. In this campaign the Cost per Result comparison is:

  • A -> R29.28
  • B -> R68.28
cost per result split test of two ads

You can initiate a A/B test in a number of ways. Here are a few entry points to a A/B testing.

  • When creating your campaign. When you initially set up your campaign you are given the option to set up A/B tests.
  • When duplicating a campaign. Again you will be given the option to duplicate for the purpose of an A/B test
a/b test on create new campaign
a/b testing when duplicating a campaign
Holdout Test

This to see if a campaign is causing a conversion lift. Looking at purchasing behaviour. Is your marketing campaign increasing purchasing behaviour or not. Analyzing a target audience. Take 10% of your audience and do not show them the campaign for 90 days. Compare the results of that 10% against the behaviour of the rest of the group.

Brand Survey

Determine the effect of advertising by way of a survey. Used in the case of the absence of real conversion metrics. Requires significant budget, a minimum of $28 000.

Test: Square vs Landscape images.

Facebook recently allowed the use of Instagram type square images. Landscape vs square was tested.

$1 000 AdEsspresso test results:
  • Square images were 25% cheaper on Cost Per Result.
facebook ladnscape ad image
facebook square ad image

Test: Short or Long Facebook Ad Copy

This tests various lengths of Facebook Ad Copy. The Ad Copy appears above the Facebook Ad image. The ad copy is where you:

  • Call out to your audience;
  • Address your audience problems, goals, questions and scepticism;
  • Make your offer;
  • Include benefits;
  • Include a clear Call to Action (CTA).
facebook ad copy

AdEspresso tested the following ad copy lengths:

  • One paragraph
  • Three paragraphs
  • Six paragraphs
  • Bullet points
  • Bullet points + Emojis
  • One sentence
$1 000 AdEsspresso test results:
Copy Length Cost Per Result Matrix
One Paragraph 1
Three Paragraphs 1.12
Six Paragraphs 1.13
Bullet Points 1.37
Bullet Points + Emojis 1.53
One Sentence 2.43

Ad copy with one sentence tested 1.42 x more expensive than ad copy of one paragraph.

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