Essential Research GPT Table of Prompt Variables

Detailed information of the Prompt Variables that the Essential Research GPT accepts.

Prompt Variable NamePrompt Variable ValueRequired or Optional
[[ContextFile]][[Defines the name of the file uploaded by the user. Upload the file and enter the file name here.]]No value? Use [[Blank]]
[[Persona]][[Defines the role the LLM is to assume. E.G. You are an expert copywriter and acclaimed author.]]REQUIRED
[[Client]][[Defines the specific client for which the answer is applicable.]]No value? Use [[Blank]]
[[ClientWebsite]][[Defines the website of the Client.]]No value? Use [[Blank]]
[[Context]][[Defines the context of the problem domain for which the answer is required.]]REQUIRED
[[Task]][[Defines the task to accomplish.]]REQUIRED
[[Style]][[Defines the style of the output answer.]]REQUIRED
[[Format]][[Defines the format of the output answer.]]REQUIRED
[[Example]][[Defines an example or examples to follow.]]No value? Use [[Blank]]
[[Websites]][[Defines the websites to browse for context and for additional information.]]No value? Use [[Blank]]