Beginning to Navigate the "Almost Zone": Exploring Authenticity in AI-Generated Content

Escaping the Echo: Prompt Engineering as the Key to Authentic and Distinctive AI Content

How to get AI to write in your own voice?

The homogeneous output of AI, when unchallenged and ignored, can strip away that which sets each solopreneur apart. For instance, relying solely on generic AI-generated templates for marketing content or product designs leads to a sea of indistinguishable offerings, erasing the unique value proposition of each business. The danger of treating these [AI] tools as mere veneer processes, such as 'single pass' or 'single shot' methods, cannot be overstated. This superficial engagement fosters mediocrity and the dilution of a solopreneur's unique identity, turning innovative opportunities into a missed chance for differentiation.

This article is a precursor to a fuller exploration on how to get AI to produce content that is in alignment with your own voice. I am having some success with this via GPTs. I am offering a Workshop where we could look at this issue.

That said, this article serves more as a chronicle of events leading to an understanding as to why this issue is so important.

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This article's Use Case:

To get AI to write in your own voice! This I have found to be tricky, to say the least.

‘Bling-Bling’ emails and Sean Vosler

I remember my first encounter with AI, towards the middle of 2023. Yes, my head was deep in Drupal, the shutters to the outside world closed. So much for being ahead of the wave!

If I recall correctly, one of these ‘new and shiny bling-bling’ emails arrived in my inbox:

‘Use the power of AI to create your video in less than five minutes!’

The product was crud [me bing nice], however, the shutters had opened just enough to let the AI flood in.

The next milestone email was from Sean Vosler  , with a pre-launch of the pre-launch video of his product MovableType  .

Sean produced, in less than 15 minute, a complete first draft, including structure, of a book on the rise to fame of Quentin Tarantino. He did another on the trauma pregnant woman, who lose their babies, face and endure.

The idea that AI could help me write resonated deep within my core.

I am not a trained copywriter. Yet, I love to create copy. I struggle with words. More correctly, finding the right words to say what I am trying to say. Heck, finding what it is I am trying to say!

Having spent a significant portion of my life in web development and marketing, I appreciate the painful truth of the necessity of conversion.

Enter - centre stage - Flint McGlaughlin.

Flint McGlaughlin and MECLABS AI Guild

Flint McGlaughlin  , of MECLABS Institute  , spent 30 years and completed over 10 000 experiments discovering how people make choices. I follow his work. MECLABS launched the MECLABS AI Guild  , a new kind of research-and-learn community. A focus of the Guild is ‘…to combine [our] discoveries in conversion psychology with breakthroughs in AI Technology.’

I am privileged to have spent over six months in the Guild, applying MECLABS principles to real-world scenarios. Combining the power of AI with deep thinking. Discovering ways to achieve superior results in content creation, marketing research and sales funnel performance.

I can now confidently say: “I have not scratched the surface of understanding this potential”.

Within the Guild, I released four GPTs designed to produce results on market research.

For my own use, and clients, I am focussing on GPTs that are designed to write in an authentic voice.

That is the crux! An authentic voice.

The ‘Almost Zone’

Flint revealed this discussion in one of our live sessions. LLMs are trained on the same data (more or less, and good enough for this discussion). Data that is available on the internet. As such, all LLM users have access to the same data. This leads to LLM output being dangerously homogeneous — or as he put it:

“in the almost zone”.

How do we get from the ‘almost zone’, to exceptional?

At the very least, master the principles of prompt engineering and understand GPTs. This is where I am at. But there is more, a lot more. Of that I am sure.

But before prompt engineering and GPTs, surely, must come a certain mind-set.

Deep thinking, learning, and discovery

Yes, as solopreneurs, it is imperative to grasp the workings of these technologies. We must, however, look beyond the surface. Apply a process of deep thinking, learning, and discovery. This journey is less about grand promises and more about exploring the real possibilities that lie within AI's capabilities.

The danger of treating these tools as mere veneer processes, such as 'single pass' or 'single shot' methods, cannot be overstated. This superficial engagement fosters mediocrity and the dilution of a solopreneur’s unique identity. The homogeneous output of AI, when unchallenged and ignored, can strip away that which sets each solopreneur apart.

We should not engage with AI as a shortcut. Rather, understand AI as a complex, multifaceted tool requiring deep thinking and continuous exploration. This approach both preserves and enhances the unique identity of each solopreneur. Ensuring that their business reflects their personal voice, rather than becoming a mirror of generic, AI-generated content.

This article exposed

This article started with this very homogeneous paragraph, complete with made up words:

“Welcome to a transformative era where AI-driven solutions and prompt engineering are not just tools, but gateways to unparalleled solopreneurial growth.”

If you are interested, here is the full initial AI output. Ouch!!

A focus of my work, currently, is solving this problem, getting AI to write in your own voice. Using GPTs, I am getting some success. That is, with my own writing, and clients who are engaging on this level.

I am offering a free 90-minute workshop. The objective, to build a GPT specific to your needs. Why not Enrol for a workshop. You may end up with your own GPT writer.

Here is the >>>link.

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